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Lenny Hines grew up in a very musical family. Both his mother and father were lovers of music and laughter. Lenny, was always singing around the house, like his father, and even brought that same energy to school and church where he sang in front of many people at that early age. So, learning to play the Guitar at the age of 12 was simply the next step for this aspiring musician.

"My mother brought my first guitar… she saw that I needed it and wanted to make me feel good--out of love," says Lenny. "My entire family was into music and singing, so it only helped to encourage each other to improve and to push harder."

Inspired by the likes of Lionel Richie, Bob Marley and Country Music Legend Charlie Pride, the feel good music of Lenny Hines is an eclectic blend of Island, Country and sometimes Soul. Regardless of the style, Lenny likes to make people feel good and no matter how busy he may be, he appreciates the simple things in life. He especially enjoys spending time with his son Keon, the inspiration for the song "I Wanna Play."

"I was busy writing another song in my studio one night when my 10 year old son came up to me and said, 'Come on Dad, I want to play.' It was like, BAMMM, it just hit me and I started to hum this tune in my head that just kept getting louder and clearer. I dropped everything that I was doing and even though I played with my son, the song kept churning in my head. A few weeks later it was completed and recorded, ready for listening."

Lenny Hines writes about real-life situations and events from his own life, making the songs even more important and relevant to everyday people.

Stretching from thought provoking to simply whimsical, the music and songs of Lenny Hines makes the listener remember the important things in life… family, love and laughter.

"My advice to kids, is have fun and more fun… just don't forget your parents, sometimes they wanna play too."

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